Mental health: How does “social phobia” arise and how to get rid of it?

“Social phobia is the fear of the judgment of the other , of their gaze, in any situation of daily life”. Professor Antoine Pelissolo , psychiatrist in Créteil and co-author of The New Fear of Others , explains that this anxiety can appear before, during or after an exchange, when one “ruminates over things that have gone wrong”.

Understand how an operating system works

What is an operating system? An operating system, or OS for operating system, is software that manages the resources and processes essential to using a computer. Operating systems are generally designed to provide a user-friendly interface between the user and the computer and to run applications. The main operating systems available today are Windows, MacOS and Linux . Each of…

Twitter: Blue certification badges imposed without consent

Elon Musk ‘s Twitter Account Verification System ever more incomprehensible? Confusion reigned supreme on Saturday, with blue badges making a comeback on some media accounts or personalities – whether they like it or not. “On my soul I didn’t pay for Twitter Blue, Tesla man you’ll feel my wrath! tweeted American rapper Lil Nas X, whose profile displays the blue check mark….

Due to a bug, Facebook sent friend requests unintentionally to simply viewed profiles

Facebook has been hit by a surprising bug . The platform sent “automatic friend requests” to profiles users visited. Some users have complained about the issue on social media , reports  Phonandroid . According to reports, users noticed that strangers had accepted friend requests when they had never sent them. Some Internet users thought they had made a bad manipulation, others imagined that they had…

How to choose the right joystick for your PC?

Understand the different types of joystick A joystick is a control device that allows gamers to control their video games. It is made up of a handle and several buttons and levers that offer a variety of controls. There are different types, such as wireless joysticks , joysticks with additional grips, and programmable joysticks. Wireless joysticks provide freedom of movement and…

How to manage your passwords well: the importance of changing them regularly

Why change your passwords regularly? Passwords are the primary methods for keeping accounts secure. Therefore, companies and users of social media are required to take them seriously. Changing your passwords regularly is one of the best ways to protect your accounts, and it can be done very easily. The more frequently you change them, the harder it is for…

Social networks: Twitter will be “banned” from the EU in the event of an infringement and repeat offense to European rules

Will Twitter soon have to say goodbye to its almost 60 million active users in the EU? The social network, “if it does not comply with our rules, will be banned, in the event of a repeat offense, from the European Union”, warned this Monday on franceinfo Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications….